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July 2, 2012
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John awoke to a soft rattling from downstairs, his eyes feeling heavy as he forced them opened. He'd just gotten to sleep not even a few hours ago and he'd thought Sherlock had gone to sleep aswell, but apparently not. Getting from his bed, he slipped on his robe and tying it loosely around his abdomen, letting it hang off his shirtless frame. "For Gods sake." He murmured, blinking slowly as he descended down the stairs and looked around for the sound which was getting louder and louder. It sounded like a rustle and then a small thump, over and over. "Sherlock?" He asked, rubbing his eyes as he looked around the empty living room. "Are you awake?" He added shortly after but no sound was returned other then the rustling. Concern growing, John shifted silently and turned to the kitchen to see Sherlock standing there with the fridge open, mumbling quietly to himself.

"Mm.. Morning tea .." He groaned as John came closer.

"Sherlock, what are you..?" He began before cutting himself off. The man was sleep walking. Not once in the years he lived with Sherlock had the man ever slept walked before and he wasn't quite sure what to do. He knew that it was dangerous to wake a sleep walker so that wasn't an option. "Come to bed." He said simply and the taller man murmured something incoherent and shut the fridge door.

"Nn John .." Sherlock jumped, swatting at the air before he turned and headed towards the stairs.

"Sher-- I never meant my bed." John reached for his friend but then dropped his hand and just followed.

"Jooooohn." Sherlock muttered, climbing the stairs slowly, and once to the top pushing John's bedroom door opened. He laid in the other man's bed and curled up into a ball, a small smile on his perfect lips. John stood over him, arms crossed, looking down at the scene. What were he to do? He couldn't very well leave him in his bed but he didn't want to sleep on the couch and didn't dare take Sherlock's bed in fear of the nagging it would stir, so softly he laid down beside the man, resting his hands on his chest and staring at the ceiling.

"I... John stop .." The tall man twitched, his little smile spreading across his face. "No~"

"What..?" John whispered to himself, turning his head slowly towards the other. "He's dreaming about me?" He couldn't help but find his face burning a deep red. Why was Sherlock dreaming of him? Suddenly Sherlock moved, stretching out and flipping over closer, pressing his forehead against John's shoulder which made the shorter man's face flare up once more.

"Sh-- Wake up." He slightly moved his shoulder, trying to wake the other but it failed, only making him move closer, resting his hand now on John's stomach.
'Oh my goodness.' John thought, closing his eyes. Perhaps he were just dreaming.. Very vividly. He laid there for a moment, listening to the man beside him breath, a cold breeze slithered in through the window, cooling down his rapidly growing body temperature.

"John.." Sherlock uttered again before he chuckled quietly and moved to kiss John's cheek. His lips were warm, soft and very gentle against the shorter man's cheek.
This small action made John's eyes fly open, his heart race and his mind spin. It was just a small kiss on the cheek yet he felt so strange from it. Very strange. He turned to the curly headed man and smiled slightly before he leaned close and weakly pressed his own lips against the others. His heart beat was so loud he was afraid to wake the sleeping man until, in a flash, he felt Sherlock's hands grab the sides of his face and he pressed his lips hard against John's. The kiss lingered and John found his arms sliding up around Sherlock's neck, his fingers tangling in that perfect head of dark brown curls. Slowly Sherlock moved to slip ontop of the other man who greedily accepted, laying flat on his back as the other man slinked his long legs overtop so he was straddling John's hips, never breaking the kiss.
Then all of a sudden, Sherlock sat up and smirked deviously, leaving John laying there, eyes wide and breathing heavy.

"It worked." He said, getting off of John to tower above the man.

"W-- What are you even .. What?" John struggled.

"I was testing you. I was awake the whole time." He said simply, his devious smirk growing wider.

"Then you-- You kissed my cheek on purpose? And you put your hand on my stomach and came to my bed?" John was shocked and confused. What in Gods name was Sherlock attempting to prove here?

"Obviously, or were you not paying attention for the last fifteen minutes?" Sherlock chuckled, the deep liquid sound filling the dully lit room. "I was curious to see what you would do."

John's face flared once more at that. He was the one who initiated the kiss, so this was really all his fault. "S-so?" He stuttered, brows creasing.

"Oh don't blush, I enjoyed myself and by the ridiculous look on your face right now I can only assume you did aswell." He tapped the doctor's stomach with his index finger. "As fun as this experiment was, I am extremely fatigued. I will see you in the morning, John." Sherlock said leaning down and planting another sweet kiss on John's thin lips, slipping his hand inside the other's robe as he raked his nails down his bare side and gently rubbed his thumb over his friend's hipbone before standing back up, smiling crookedly and leaving the room without another word.

John laid there for a few moments in complete shock before he propped himself up on his arms, looking towards his door. "What the bloody hell was that?" He asked himself before an interesting thought crawled into his head and he smiled deviously, slipping out of his own bed and heading for Sherlock's bedroom.
Just a little johnlock fic. Yup. Sequel here : [link]
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